Information Technology and Business Consultation

IT/Business Consultation

Our approaches to clients’ solutions:

  1. Provide a feasible solution that suits the customer needs/environment
  2. Suggest a state of art technology for the future state
  3. Compile all the requirements and considerations into a plan
  4. Analyze gaps that could be a show stopper and/or knock down factors
  5. Mitigate any gaps and concerns, and direct consensus
  6. Execute, manage, and work together with clients for the planned project


System/Application/Web Development

Our steps to the development solutions:

  1. Interview with various stakeholders to summarize requirements (BRD)
  2. Analyze gaps and concerns in the current state, and expectations for the future state (Basic Plan)
  3. Consult technology that can mitigate the gaps and concerns (Technology Consideration)
  4. Build mock ups and logical views of the required programmings (Use Case Construction)
  5. Architect, design, and document the structure of the programming (Detail Design)
  6. Programme and test individual module or function to meet the design specification (Coding to Unit Testing)
  7. Plan, execute, and track IT phase within our team (Integration Testing)
  8. Plan, manage and coordinate UAT with the stakeholders groups (User Acceptance Test)
  9. Manage and track any outstanding items/issues and provide mitigation plan to the issues (Rollover & Issue Tracking)
  10. Update documentation and provide trainings if necessary (Wrap-up)
  11. Plan, conduct, and execute migration of the data if required (Migration)