Company Overview & Locations

Mercury and Earth, LLC.- New York Headquarter -

Founder and President : Takumi Miyazaki
Founded : 2005
Address : 15 East 40th Street., Suite 100 New York, NY 10016

Mercury and Earth, KK - Tokyo Office -

President : Takumi Miyazaki
Founded : 2012
Address : 2-7-3 East Inter Bldg. 5F Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 105-0022

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History of Mercury and Earth

January 2005
Takumi Miyazaki established Mercury and Earth, LLC in New York City.
Takumi Miyazaki has been appointed as President of M&E, LLC

August 2012
M&E, LLC relocated to present address.

January 2012
Takumi Miyazaki established Mercury and Earth, KK in Tokyo.

November 2012
Started the operations of M&E, KK.

February 2013
Makoto Koizumi has been appointed as President of M&E, KK.

April 2013
M&E, KK relocated to present address.


Company Information

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Connecting People and IT

To increase productivity with state-of-the-art Information Technology. By using a Cloud Platform that can be accessed from anywhere with simple management and administration, or utilize the workflow to automate document preparation and preventing human error, IT is increasing productivity, cutting down and improving organization activity.
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Hybrid IT Vendor

Our company values flexibility and individual progress, while also emphasizing customer service and attention to detail, embracing both American and Japanese work cultures. You can experience great diversity within our office in terms of gender, race, nationality, culture and more. There is still a respected hierarchy within the company, but we place great value in creating a welcoming environment by fostering fair relationship and open communication.
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Open and Fair

Mercury and Earth constantly sending the message to our members that “We bring your idea to reality”. We do not stay with the same old knowledge but always challenge ourselves to new ideas and technology. With our open and corporative atmosphere and flexible mind, we strive to create a comfortable working environment actively adopting diversity and welcome employees from various places and cultures. Regardless of the level of skill and experience, you will earn confidence and challenge spirit by accomplishing each tasks step by step. We continue to evolve by learning new things at all times.
About Us

techxtalk - IT & English School

Service only available in Japan. techxtalk(テックトーク)ではITの基礎を学びながら、日本以外でも通用するエンジニアを育成することに特化したスクールです。基礎的なIT技術を習得しながら英会話も学べて、更にITポジションをご紹介する「学び」と「働く」をワンストップで提供するサービスです。